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Château Aumèdes

De sable à l’orme d’or, à la champagne de même, chargée de trois coquilles de sable.
Aumèdes, which takes its name from the Occitan "aumets" or "aumedas”, meaning “elms”, is the oldest estate of the family. The Gallo-Roman remains discovered there attest of an farming activity going back for least two thousand years. The vineyard, planted on a south-facing hillside, covers 40 hectares of terraced plots between the garrigue scrubland and the village of Bizanet. On the hillside, springs gush from the fossiliferous black marls that formed the bottom of the sea during the Jurassic period, more than 170 million years ago. The carignan vines, deeply rooted in the limestone-clay soil, give round and powerful wines. The château, built on the rock, shelters a barrel cellar where the cuvée Emilien Raïssac is aged, a top-of-the-range wine made from the oldest vines of the estate.
S.A.R.L. Les Domaines Barsalou
14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
11200 BizanetFRANCE
🕿 +33 (0)4 68 45 11 19
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