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The Domaines Barsalou vineyards are situated near the villages of Bizanet (Domaine de Saint Maurice, Château Aumèdes) and Névian (Château Villenouvette), west of Narbonne, in southern Languedoc.

Located about 20 kilometres from the coast and at an altitude rising from 20 to 140 metres above sea level, they benefit from a Mediterranean climate like the whole region of Narbonne. This climate is characterized by hot and dry summers, fairly mild winters, infrequent but sometimes violent precipitation, an intense wind regime throughout the year and a lot of sunshine. The prevailing winds, the cers and the tramontane, blow from the west and the north-west. They dry the atmosphere while cooling it during the winter and heating it during the summer. In contrast, the sea breeze (called marin or levant), humid, softens the temperatures.

Thanks to the local geological diversity, the vines are planted on a wide variety of soils ranging from ferruginous sandstone to rolled pebbles through limestone and clay soils rich of marine fossils.

Château Villenouvette
Domaine de Saint Maurice
Château Aumèdes
S.A.R.L. Les Domaines Barsalou
14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
11200 BizanetFRANCE
🕿 +33 (0)4 68 45 11 19
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