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The Barsalou Family

Of Catalan origin, the Barsalou family is settled in the region of Narbonne since at least the 14th century. In 1609, André Barsalou is already known as a farmer in Peyriac-de-Mer, in the coastal edge of the Corbières. In 1818, his descendant Guillaume Barsalou, known as "the Elder”, moved to Bizanet to work the land. Over the following generations, wine production became more and more important, growing at the very heart of the family history and heritage.

Yves and Claire Barsalou
Fifth generation after Guillaume Barsalou the Elder, Yves Barsalou (1932-2019), left high school at 17 to dedicate himself to the vine and rugby. In 1953, he became champion of France with the Lézignan-Corbières rugby team. He voluntereed for several years in the Jeunesse Agricole Catholique (the Young Catholic Farmers). In 1964, his managerial skills led him to start a long career at the Crédit Agricole bank. While climbing the ranks within this "farmer's bank", he was committed to the improvement and qualitative recognition of Languedoc wines. In 1967, he created a cooperative trading society ensuring the marketing of Languedoc wines. In 1994 he co-founded the Conseil Interprofesionnel des Vins du Languedoc (the Interprofessional Council of Languedoc Wines). Ha was the chairman of Crédit Agricole from 1988 to 2000 and member of the French Academy of Agriculture until his death. His external responsibilities, which often lead him to travel, never changed his deeply rooted soul of farmer.
His wife, Claire, comes from a lineage of winemakers from Bizanet. Continuing the work of her ancestors, she has dedicated her life to the development of the family property and has passed on her passion and knowledge for her native lands to her sons Éric and Jean-Yves.

Eric and Dina Barsalou
In 1981, after a professional experience overseas, Éric Barsalou took over the family’s lands and continued the renewal and expansion of the vineyard started by his parents. For more than 20 years his wife Dina works with him in the viticultural outwork.

Jean-Yves and Sylvie Barsalou
Before studying oenology and management, Jean-Yves Barsalou made his first wine batches in his parents' winery in 1979. He then pursued a career in wine IT and management while monitoring and expanding the family production. From 2006, Jean-Yves decided to devote himself fully to the family business and to start increasing export sales.
Licensed in European wine law, his wife, Sylvie, has devoted herself for over 30 years to the administrative management of the estates.

Guillaume Barsalou
After studying environment and landscape bioengineering, Guillaume, the son of Jean-Yves and Sylvie Barsalou, joined the family business in 2010. He represents the new generation with the aim of continuing to showcase the quality of his terroir and to develop the export market.
S.A.R.L. Les Domaines Barsalou
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