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The Ancestors

Émilien Raïssac (1866 - 1944)

The son of a tailor, Émilien Raïssac is the great-grandfather of Claire Barsalou. Town hall secretary in Bizanet under the Third Republic, he chose to dedicate the rest of his time to the vine and wine. He is the first winemaker in the family to obtain awards for his wines at the national agricultural competition in Paris by revealing the quality potential of the Aumèdes vineyard. The Cuvée Emilien Raïssac from Château Aumèdes is named in his memory.
Paul Vié (1877 - 1952)

Paul Vié is the grandfather of Claire Barsalou (née Vié). As a vineyard owner from Bizanet and also a musician, he leads a career of conductor alongside his profession of winegrower, unfortunately interrupted by his mobilisation in the Great War. Survivor of the battlefield, he remains, despite the aftermath of the fighting, a lover of the arts and of his native land totally dedicated to his two great passions: the vine and music.
Louis Pinel (1893 - 1979)

Louis Pinel, the grandfather of Sylvie Barsalou (née Pinel), grew up in a family of peasants in Lauragais before becoming a wine worker in Minervois. A rigorous and hard worker, his experience led him to occupy the positions of vineyard manager and cellar master. His efforts enabled him to acquire agricultural property at the gates of Carcassonne where he specialised in horticulture. The Louis Pinel range of wines was named in his honour.
Marcel Barsalou (1909 - 1999)

A small landowner from a modest background, Yves Barsalou's father, Marcel, first worked in the local agricultural supplies trade before devoting himself fully to farming and viticulture. With his wife Louise, winegrowers’ daughter, he passed on the love of the land to his son. The Cuvée Marcel Barsalou from Château Villenouvette was created to pay tribute to him.
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